And I’m back…

I should really try and update this blog more often… (and my other one).

This semester is going to be more intense than the last couple. So why is it going to be more intense? What am I doing this semester that is going to make it more intense?

Well, this semester I’m doing 3 subjects. Web Application Development (or WAD), Database Management Systems (or DBMS) and my Final Year Professional Project.

It’s the Professional Project that is going to make it intense. The project that my group has to work on, is to build a website for a client. I’m working with 4 other guys. We have 12 weeks to meet the client, plan the project, build it, document it… I’m sure there is more…

I could end up a little stressed…

Oh, and I have been made the Project Team Leader.

Alien Technology

October 9th, 2008 No Comments

I was introduced to an Alien technology today. They are called System Cards. I don’t completely understand them yet. They involve an unusual interaction.

Firstly they require you to use a different type of input device. I didn’t have one, but I believe that they are called a writing impliment. They can either have a subclass of Pen or Pencil.
The Pencil option seems to be less permanant. While the pen option seems to be permanant in the long run, it often seems to extrude a staining fluid onto my fingers when in use.

These impliments seem to be useless without the afor mentioned system cards. The cards seem to mymic the portability of smaller devices such as mobile phones or PDA’s, but are much thinner, and don’t seem to be able to provide WiFi access.

Starting off with C#

August 20th, 2008 1 Comment

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any C programming. I started a subject on it at RMIT in 1997, but dropped out when I found they’d stuffed up my enrolment. My only other real experience in programming of that style is my dabblings in javascript for websites. Not quite real I know.

This semester I’m doing Object Oriented Programming as one of my subjects. It’s more about the OO side of things than the language itself, and as such you can choose to either do the work in C# or Java. I’ve chosen C#, but am expecting to pick up some of the Java along the way.

We’re using a template for C# called SwinGame. It’s an environment that allows you to create 2D games in the C# or Java environments.

We’re only 2 weeks in and have had to do an assignment already. It’s relatively simple. Using SwinGame create a window that shows a Mandelbrot image that you can zoom in on. It took me a while to work out, bit that was more because I didn’t know the syntax for C#.

So far the lectures for the subject have been good. They’re taken by Andrew Cain, and they aren’t your typical kind of lecture. We’re supposed to read the material and then send him an email by Monday evening, asking questions. Plus he likes doing “Role Playing” to explain how things work. I’ve never seen that used as a teaching tool in an IT subject before, but it’s actually pretty effective.

The other thing we’re supposed to do for this subject is write a diary of what we have learnt. This is so when we submit our folio of work (there is no exam) at the end of semester, we can comprehensively explain what, where, when, how we have learnt stuff.

And yes, that is partly why I started this blog of mine.